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Daron Stevens DDS, MS, PC Orthodontic Specialist for Children AND Adults

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Since we started in 2003, our motto has been To Be THE Best Part of a Patient's Day!   Since then, other orthodontists have adopted copied our motto but not our service :).  We realize some days being the best part of a patient's day isn't a difficult thing to do if they rolled out on the wrong side of the bed. However we strive to be the best part of a patient's day even on their best of days. Below are some unsolicited patient testimonials we feel fortunate to have received and we would like to not only save them but share them.
Dr. Stevens,
I just wanted to thank you again for the great job that you have done with my teeth. I get compliments every day. If the opportunity ever does come I will put in a good word for you. Thanks again and have a great day! Tim
I just wanted to drop you all a quick note to let you know I am so overly impressed with Dr. Stevens and his staff! Some of our older kids have had braces and it's not that we were unhappy with who they saw, but more we weren't thrilled so very open to seeing someone new with Sayre.
With Dr Stevens we are THRILLED and everyone who has time to listen is getting referred to your office and a lot of people are taking down the info since I'm fairly hard to impress.
The staff has been so friendly, the appointments on time, and I could go on and on, but the main reason I knew immediately he was our new orthodontist was because of his up front honesty he had as he explained the x-rays, phase 1 treatment and left phase 1 treatment up to us, as there was no guarantee Sayre wouldn't still require full braces again when she was older. He easily could have said she had to have phase 1 treatment and I wouldn't have known the difference and paid because I "had" to not because we "chose" to.
I could go on and on but basically I just wanted to say thank you all so much and let you know how happy I am with the Dr and all the staff!
We are thrilled and I do mean thrilled with everything, so much so we even sent pictures to Dr. Kim and Sheree Keller with a thanks for the referral message!

Thanks again for the great and friendly service,

Dana, Teresa and Sayre
You and your staff are the best and our kids love you! Shauna and Alicia are a joy to visit with whenever we come in there. Our son's teeth look beautiful and our daughter's is coming along great! Thank you! The Reed Family