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Daron Stevens DDS, MS, PC Orthodontic Specialist for Children AND Adults

...Amazing Smiles 'Cultivated' Daily!

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All About Braces!
You may have heard that because cats have nine lives they are ideal for experimentation. At Daron Stevens Orthodontics you will find comfort knowing we do not treat patients like cats and experiment on them. In fact, we use the world's most popular orthodontic appliance system.
Speaking of felines, there are many ways to skin a cat and so it is with straightening teeth. Hopefully this doesn't shock you: Teeth do not have brains. Thus teeth do not know WHAT moves them but rather respond to ANY pressure by moving away from that pressure. In fact, depending on your age, you may have been told by your dentist to bite on a popsicle stick to move a crooked tooth or two. Although this can work, today we have retired popsicle sticks to frozen treats due to more sophisticated tooth-moving methods.
Advances in brackets (braces) and wires (made from space-aged thermal-activated metals used on the space shuttle) have had tremendous impacts on decreasing treatment time and office visits, nearly eliminating the need to extract teeth, and increasing comfort of appliances without needing to 'tighten' braces.

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Colors, colors, COLORS!

Like the many colors of popsicles and tulips, so are today's braces full of variety. Click the TULIPhere to see what fun and exciting color combinations you can come up with to celebrate the braces between your TWO LIPS!

Or maybe you want to see what YOU look like with braces?  Click here and upload a photo of you (or anyone you know like your dad, mom, dog, cat, fish, or stuffed animal) and you can see their/your/it's grill with braces!  Here are a couple photos of Dr. Stevens' past (o.k. present) heart throbs as well as his wife's/daughter's/assistants/every woman on the plant's heart throb sporting braces using the Paint Your Smile website.
Britney Hit With Braces One More Time...
                                                                                                              With braces Shania is Still The One  Forever And For Always  
     Channing Tatum sporting the BSU orange and blue
 Dr. Daron Stevens of Nampa, ID. Give us a call at 208.468.9191. Providing orthodontics and orthodontic care for residents of Nampa, Melba, Kuna, Homedale, Middleton, Skyview, Columbia, Valley View, Caldwell and many other areas. All of this is available in our convenient location in Nampa, ID. We feel we are your best choice for a nampa orthodontist for nampa orthodontics care. 119 S Valley Drive, Suite E Nampa ID 83686 208.468.9191
Dr. Stevens also specializes in Invisalign in Nampa, Idaho.